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The Internet of Space (IoS): A Future Backbone for the Internet of Things?

I’ll be covering this panel (among others) at the upcoming IEEE IMS2016 event in San Francisco,CA. — JB

For the IoS to serve as a backbone for the IoT, the challenges of small size and weight, low-power, and affordability of the user (device) terminals will have to be resolved.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably one of the most exciting and revolutionary technological developments of the internet age. While the definition of IoT continues to evolve within IEEE and beyond, it is generally agreed that the IoT is a network of cyber-physical devices comprising embedded electronics, sensors/actuators, software and network connectivity, enabling such devices to collect and exchange data over the internet. Current estimates are that there will be more than 25B IoT devices (some estimates call for more than 50B devices) deployed by 2020.

“… Recently, SpaceX, in partnership with Google, announced a US $B investment in a plan to deliver thousands of micro-satellites (reportedly approximately 4000) into LEO around the globe, to serve internet to rural and developing areas of the world.”


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