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High-Value Requirements Are Changing App Dev And Delivery

By Tom Grant, Ph.D. with Phil Murphy and Alissa Anderson

Requirements Go From Unfortunate Necessity To Strategic Asset


Requirements have undergone a quiet revolution — the conversations have moved from a focus on the high cost of bad requirements to the positive value of good requirements. Not satisfied with doing the same type of requirements better, teams have rethought nearly every aspect of requirements — what type of information they contain, how to collect and analyze this information, and how best to use it, both during the development process and beyond. All of this deep thinking has changed requirements; as the requirements have changed, so too have many aspects of software development and delivery that depend on them. Backlog prioritization, release goals, patterns of customer adoption, the definition of “done,” and the value of the software delivered are but a few examples of these ripple effects.

Read the entire white paper here.

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