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Evaluation from Lockheed-Martin Courses

Student evaluations by themselves do little to help the learning experience.

John Blyler, Editorial Director

Are student evaluations worthwhile? Slate magazine considered this question a few year ago: Needs Improvement – Student evaluations of professors aren’t just biased and absurd—they don’t even work.

This paragraph from the article summed thing up nicely: “A recent comprehensive study, for example, showed that professors get good evaluations by teaching to the test and being entertaining. Student learning hardly factors in, because (surprise) students are often poor judges of what will help them learn. (They are, instead, excellent judges of how to get an easy A.)”

The story’s conclusion was that evaluations should be delivered face-to-face. I agree. For example, below are examples recent evaluation with Lockheed-Martin students (really, they were peers) in several day long technical courses. These evaluations were part of an in-class exercise on the last day where I actually ask the students collectively what they thought about the class and my instruction. Naturally, this was done after the grades had already been submitted.

What happened next was a healthy, give-and-take discussion with the students about what could and – of equal importance – could not be done to improve the learning experience.

So student evaluations are but one part of the equation. The other part is a face-to-face discussion with their instructor.

Evaluations: Risk Management and Decision Making

Basic Form:

Recent Evaluations Summaries (actual evaluations available upon request)

Course: RMSP206: Risk Management and Decision Making , Lockheed-Martin, 10/21/16

List the things you appreciate: Class notes and training methodology – PP
Overall: Good (4)
Course: Good (4)
Pace of Course: Just Right (0)

List the things you appreciate: – RR 
Overall: Good (4)
Course: Good (4)
Pace of Course: Just Right (0)

Course: RMSP305: Reliability-Centered Maintenance , Lockheed-Martin, 10/19/16

List the things you appreciate: Use of software to assist with instruction – FB
Overall: Good (4)
Course: Good (4)
Pace of Course: Just Right (0)


Name something you would improved: UMore specific examples from industry – CC
Overall:  (3) – out of 4
Course: (3) – out of 4
Pace of Course: A bit fast (+1)


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