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Complex Courses: Security; Techno-morality; Beyond EDA; Cut-Paste Dangers; RFIC; Custom SOCs


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JB Systems [January 12th, 2016]

Top Stories

Portland Panel: ISO 26262 – For Automotive and Beyond

Interested in the way compliance standards will affect the design-verification of electronic hardware-software systems? Or how such standards might impact the automotive and semiconductor industries? Listen what the experts have to say.

New Online Course Offering in Complex Product Development

Managing technical systems is different than typical project/program management. This course will explore those difference using good (systems) engineering principals, numerous case studies and modern tools. Some of the contemporary topics include …

Prpl Foundation proposes security architecture

The Prpl Foundation, the group founded to develop open-source software for the MIPS architecture, has published an overview of techniques intended to improve the security of embedded systems.

Philosophy, Technology and Morality – A Volatile Combination?

Tonight’s Linus Pauling Lecture series will host Dr. Shannon Vallor, Chair of the Philosophy at Santa Clara Univ. in Silicon Valley. Her talk focuses on techno-morality.

Scottish Firm Moves Beyond EDA to Embedded

Criticalblue’s CEO David Stewart reveals how software driven hardware performance optimization moved them beyond the chip design world.

The Dangers of Code Cut-Paste Techniques

A common coding practice can lead to product efficiency but also software maintenance nightmares and technical debt.

Imagination on RFIC, IP, Embedded IoT and Fabric-based SoCs

Tony King-Smith of Imagination Technologies discusses the need for RF IC designers, IP platforms, IoT as the new embedded and fabric-based SoCs.

Custom SoCs vs. Discrete IC Boards

New data shows that the break-even, return on investment (RoI) point continues to fall as custom SoCs compete directly with traditional discrete IC board designs.



Dangers of Software Copy-Paste
The Danger of Software Cut and Past – Interview (Pt. 1) with Cristian Amitroaie, CEO and Founder of AMIQ EDA

R&D vs. Efficiency
Systems Engineering Interview with Bill Chown at INCOSE 2015 – Part 1.

ChipEstimate.TV — John Blyer Travelogue, November 2015
Highlights include autonomous car technology, patches, IoT Platforms, SoC hardware revitalization, IP trends and a new edition of a systems engineering classic.



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