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Featured Stories

Systems Engineering Online CEU Course Schedule May-Jul 2016

The RMS Partnership offers on-site and online CEU technical courses through the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The instructors are technical professionals with many years of teaching experience and authorship. RMSP503: Introduction to Private Contract Management [FIT Online Course #PDP0721 – PRIVATE MGMT] Schedule: Online, May 9 through Jun 20, 2016    $450* per engineer. Taught by Cynthia Gayton Esq., Gayton Law ... Read More »

The System Lifecycle

By John Blyler, Affiliate Professor, PSU A life cycle is the series of stages that a system passes through during its lifetime.  Ideally, these stages are sequential, starting with the conception of the system, continuing through the design, development, integration, and operation, and ending, finally, with its phaseout. In practice, most phases overlap one another, with the next phase beginning ... Read More »