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Successful Product Delivery

Best Practices for Continuous Quality in Projects and Products As projects and products grow in complexity, so too does the challenge of ensuring everyone understands the scope of the project and they stay in sync on the ever-evolving requirements. How can you manage projects more effectively when scope changes? This paper discusses how the combination of collaboration, traceability, test cover- age ... Read More »

The Internet of Things Business Index

A Quiet Revolution Gathers Pace – Report from The Economist Intelligence Unit The Internet of Things (IoT) is an idea whose time has finally come. Falling technology costs, developments in complementary fields like mobile and cloud, together with support from governments have all contributed to the dawning of an IoT “quiet revolution”. Now, after more than a decade of slow progress, ... Read More »

High-Value Requirements Are Changing App Dev And Delivery

By Tom Grant, Ph.D. with Phil Murphy and Alissa Anderson Requirements Go From Unfortunate Necessity To Strategic Asset EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Requirements have undergone a quiet revolution — the conversations have moved from a focus on the high cost of bad requirements to the positive value of good requirements. Not satisfied with doing the same type of requirements better, teams have ... Read More »