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Can Location Technology Make Connected Cars More Secure?

UWB chip-based high accuracy location bubbles are applicable to drone, keychain finder, IOT, smart home devices and connected car technologies. By Mickael Viot, Decawave Indoor location systems are a growing trend in shopping malls, airports, retail stores and smart homes. These new technologies enable smartphones and electronic devices to determine their locations indoors much as GPS can do outdoors. Indoor ... Read More »

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EEMBC starts work on IoT-node power benchmark

The benchmarking organization seeks to create performance tests for the edge of the Internet of Things (IoT). By Chris Edwards, Tech Design Forum Benchmarking organization EEMBC has kicked off an effort to develop a set of performance tests for edge nodes for the Internet of Things (IoT). Focus on the energy efficiency of edge nodes, the benchmarks will build on ... Read More »

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