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Automotive; Security; Resiliency; IP; Systems and DVCon

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Systems – IOT Embedded – Semi-IP Newsletter [April 2016]

Top Stories

What makes Automotive Electronics ISO 26262 Different from other Standards?

A panel representing automotive, semiconductor, software and systems experts met to share insights on the hardware-software challenges of ISO 26262 compliance.

Security focus for Embedded World

Security took center stage at the Embedded World show in Nürnberg this week, with a number of vendors launching software intended to help protect against hacks.

Semiconductor Technology Enables Mobile Spectral Imagers

Start-up SCiO prototypes a pocket-sized molecular scanner based on spectral imaging that tells you everything about your food.

EDA Tool Reduces Chip Test Time With Same Die Size

Cadence combines physically-aware scan logic with elastic decompression in new test solution. What does that really mean?

Augmenting System Change

It’s time for the global, multi-discipline system design community to share critical change information without altering their design process or domain-specific tools.

Resiliency Needed for Smart Recovery Systems

Is resiliency emerging as a richer version of reliability and a higher systems priority over optimization?


Special DVCon Coverage

[DVCon] Verifying Virtual Prototypes Key to IOT Success

Yatin Trivedi, DVCon Chair, talks about Internet-of-Things verification issues and differences between standard specifications and implementations efforts.

[DVCon] Specs vs. Implementation; Portable Stimulus; Hardware-Software Differences

Accellera’s Chair, Shishpal Rawat, talks about the expanding Accellera-IEEE relationship, the need for portable stimulus and why SystemJava would be difficult.

[DVCon]  Keynote: Future of Verification lies in Portable Test Benches

For Mentor’s CEO Wally Rhines, the future of IP and chip design lies in verification engine abstraction as highlighted by Accellera’s reusable test bench pre-standard.

[DVCon] Final numbers on DVCon

With the completion of the 2016 US event, DVCon now serves more than 2,000 attendees worldwide each year



[DVCon] Business vs. Technical Side of Semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) – As explained by Nikos Zervas, CEO, CAST IP

[DVCon] CAST’s CEO Zervas Talks About Automotive CAN FD and TT Updates

Dangers of Software Copy-Paste – Interview (Pt. 1) with Cristian Amitroaie, CEO and Founder of AMIQ EDA.

R&D vs. Efficiency – Systems Engineering Interview with Bill Chown at INCOSE 2015 – Part 1

John Blyler April Travelogue – Highlights include Si-based molecular scanners; cyber-security; automotive standard ISO 26262; SPIE Photonics; DVCon.



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