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Has The Time Come for SOC Embedded FPGAs?

Shrinking technology nodes at lower product costs plus the rise of compute-intensive IOT applications help Menta’s e-FPGA outlook. By John Blyler, IP Systems The following are edited portions of my video interview the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2016 with Menta’s business development director, Yoan Dupret. – JB John Blyler’s interview with Yoan Dupret from Menta Blyler: You’re technology enables designers to include ... Read More »

Can Location Technology Make Connected Cars More Secure?

UWB chip-based high accuracy location bubbles are applicable to drone, keychain finder, IOT, smart home devices and connected car technologies. By Mickael Viot, Decawave Indoor location systems are a growing trend in shopping malls, airports, retail stores and smart homes. These new technologies enable smartphones and electronic devices to determine their locations indoors much as GPS can do outdoors. Indoor ... Read More »

Systems Engineering Online CEU Course Schedule May-Jul 2016

The RMS Partnership offers on-site and online CEU technical courses through the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). The instructors are technical professionals with many years of teaching experience and authorship. RMSP503: Introduction to Private Contract Management [FIT Online Course #PDP0721 – PRIVATE MGMT] Schedule: Online, May 9 through Jun 20, 2016    $450* per engineer. Taught by Cynthia Gayton Esq., Gayton Law ... Read More »