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Jonathan T. Kaplan

Mr. Kaplan runs a small IP law firm, specializing in patents, located in the northern suburb of Portland, OR. He has substantial experience representing clients with bet‑-the-‑company technology. Mr. Kaplan has over 21 years of experience and, before starting his own practice over 11 years ago, worked at large top-tier IP practices for over 10 years (the last several at the partner level). Mr. Kaplan obtained an M.S.E.E. from MIT and, subsequent to MIT, earned his J.D. at the NYU School of Law. Mr. Kaplan’s work at MIT included a substantial research component, both at the A.I. Lab and the Research Laboratory for Electronics, resulting in a Master’s thesis upon which two patents were obtained. Mr. Kaplan is admitted to practice law in three states (CA, NY, and WA) and is registered with the USPTO.

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