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I. Media Content Generation and Publication

JB Systems offers a full complement of content generation and publication services from a team of industrial recognized engineers/journalists. Our areas of expertise are semiconductor electronics, intellectual property, RF/Wireless, networks, IoT embedded hardware-software design and integration, and the management of complex systems engineering. Our services include:

  • Whitepaper, case studies and features stories (ghostwritten, if desired)
  • Blogs, videos, and webcasts creation and generation
  • Participation on and moderation of technology oriented conference panels
  • Distribution through traditional channels and social media

II. Technical Education – Online and Classroom

JB Systems provides short courses in systems engineering based upon years of course development and graduate-level teaching experience at Portland State University; real-world engineering and management experience; and co-authoring of textbooks with major publishers. Courses focus on systems engineering, middle-out processes, hardware-software development, cross-discipline collaboration and technical management:

  • Courses offered internally within company offices or at locations: Silicon Valley area, Portland and Seattle
  • Course range from 1 to 4 days and provide both CES and Professional Development Hours (PDH) – for engineers
  • Courses have physical and online components. All presentations and notes are provided.
  • Course are interactive, including real-world engineering exercises.
  • For more information, visit JB Systems or call (503) 348-1342


Editorial Staff

John Blyler, Editorial Director

John Blyler, Editorial Director

John covers today’s latest high-tech, R&D and even science fiction in blogs, magazine articles, books and videos. He is an experienced physicist, engineer, journalist, author and professor who continues to speak at major conferences and before the camera on Chipestimate.com TV.

John is the founder and CEO of JB Systems Media, a high tech engineering, education and media company. He also serves as the editor and new business developer for the Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability Partnership (RMSP) – a Washington D.C. based systems engineering firm. Formerly, John was the VP, chief content officer for Extensionmedia, which included brands such as Chip Design, Solid State Technology, RF-Microwave Systems, and others. Also, he was the senior editor for Penton’s Wireless Systems Design magazine and, before that, an associate editor for the IEEE I&M magazine. He has co-authored several books on systems engineering, RF design and automotive hardware-software integration for Wiley, Elsevier and SAE, respectively. John has over 23 years of systems engineering hardware-software experience in the electronics industry—including work at the DoD, within the semiconductor private sector, and at software start-up companies. He remains an affiliate professor of graduate-level systems engineering at Portland State University. Mr. Blyler holds a BS in engineering physics from Oregon State University, as well as an MSEE from California State University, Northridge.

John plays the piano and holds a black belt in TKD.  Contact:  jblyler@jbsystech.com


Rosa Seda Tech Writer

Rosa Seda is a writer with over 20 plus years of experience in the technology industry.  She writes occasionally for JB System Tech and has published several paper in U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics and Technical conferences.  She is a patented engineer and holds a BSE degree in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University and a MS from UC Berkeley.



Joe Desposito is currently a contributing editor at IoT Embedded Systems. Prior to that, he worked for Penton Media’s Electron Design, starting there in 1998 as a technology editor for test and measurement and moving on to become Editor-in-Chief of sister publication EE Product News in 2000 and then Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Design in 2008, where he introduced or broadened video coverage, engineering radio, slide shows and new types of feature articles. Before that, Joe was Editor-in-Chief of two hands-on publications for electronics enthusiasts from the Weka Publishing Company: the Modern Electronics Manual and the Electronics Repair Manual.  Prior to that Joe was a member of the original staff of PC Magazine’s PC Labs, which developed and enhanced the industry’s leading suite of benchmarks for personal computers and peripherals. Joe also worked as technical editor at Popular Electronics magazine. Joe has written hundreds of columns and articles on electronics and computing as well as several books on electronics repair, personal computers and spreadsheet software. He earned his BEE at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York.


Cheryl Ajluni, Senior Editor

Cheryl Ajluni, Senior Editor

Cheryl Ajluni is a contributing editor, book author and freelance technical writer with over 21 years of experience covering the high-tech industry, specifically the Electronic Design Automation, test and measurement, low-power/power management, digital and wireless markets. She is the former Editor in Chief of Wireless Systems Design (WSD) Magazine and also served as an editor for Chip Design, Electronic Design, Electronic Design China, Embedded Intel Architecture, and Embedded Systems Development. Cheryl is a patented engineer and holds a BSc degree in physics and mathematics from the University of California, Davis.


Hamilton Carter is the author of Metric Driven Verification, and has been awarded 14 patents in semiconductor design verification.  His body of work in this field has been cited over 200 times.  Of late, Mr. Carter has worked as a senior editor at Chip Design Magazine covering the verification and IP design spaces while pursuing his PhD in Physics at Texas A&M University.  In the field of physics, Hamilton has published articles on superconductor and curved spacetime research.  At the same time, he has kept his hand in the verification game through independent consulting in parallel with his degree work.  Prior to returning to his first love, physics, Hamilton worked in the EDA industry for over 15 years.  Prior to his work as an independent consultant, he worked at Cadence Design and before that Verisity.  While at Cadence, he authored several articles on metric driven verification.  In his guise as an EDA engineer and consultant, Hamilton has worked with companies such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Ericson, Sony, STMicroelectronics, IBM, AMD, Cirrus Logic, ARM, and many others.  Hamilton earned an MSEE from Texas A&M University and a Bachelor’s in Engineering Physics from The Ohio State University.

In his spare time he helped to establish the first transmitting radio station from the site of Tesla’s last lab, Wardenclyffe, in Shoreham, NY since the lab was closed in the early 1900s.  The amateur radio station, W3T, helped create awareness for the efforts to save Wardenclyffe.


Sally Ward-Foxton has been writing about the electronics industry for more than a decade. As a freelance journalist she has published articles in Electronic Design Europe, Microwaves & RF, ECN, Electronic Specifier, Components in Electronics and many more. She covers all areas of the European and global electronics industry, but specialist topics include wireless and displays technology. She holds a Masters’ degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Cambridge, UK.



Jonathan T. Kaplan, Esq., Patent and IP Lawyer

Jonathan T. Kaplan, Esq., Patent and IP Lawyer

Mr. Kaplan runs a small IP law firm, specializing in patents, located in the northern suburb of Portland, OR. He has substantial experience representing clients with bet‑-the-‑company technology. Mr. Kaplan has over 21 years of experience and, before starting his own practice over 11 years ago, worked at large top-tier IP practices for over 10 years (the last several at the partner level). Mr. Kaplan obtained an M.S.E.E. from MIT and, subsequent to MIT, earned his J.D. at the NYU School of Law. Mr. Kaplan’s work at MIT included a substantial research component, both at the A.I. Lab and the Research Laboratory for Electronics, resulting in a Master’s thesis upon which two patents were obtained. Mr. Kaplan is admitted to practice law in three states (CA, NY, and WA) and is registered with the USPTO.


Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Sally Bixby, Web Editor

Sally Bixby, President and Founder of EventBelle Productions, has been involved with marketing in the embedded computing space and corporate meetings management for more than 10 years. In addition to her IoT Blog Review, she is event manager for the executive conference, The ConFab 2015, which centers on the economics of semiconductor manufacturing. Prior to launching EventBelle Productions in 2013, Sally was Senior Events and Marketing Director at The RTC Group, running their embedded computing industry road show series, Real-Time Embedded Computing Conference (RTECC).


Christopher R. O'Dea, Contributing Business Editor

Christopher R. O’Dea, Contributing Business Editor

Christopher R. O’Dea covers the strategic, policy and financial aspects of technology. He’s written about technology matters ranging from bitcoin’s influence on chip design to the impact of Google’s big data management techniques on genomic research and how global fund managers are investing in the IoT. An award-winning investigative journalist, Chris is a Contributing Editor for publications including Investments & Pensions Europe, The Korn Ferry Institute’s quarterly journal Briefings on Talent & Leadership, and PrivcapRE, a digital media company that focuses on private equity investing.

Deeply interested in science and technology policy, Chris is a member of the President’s Circle of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and a Life Member of the Naval War College Foundation. He previously served on the Dean’s International Council of The University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy, which encompasses the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and The Harris Energy Policy Institute, a collaborative research initiative with Argonne National Laboratory.

EricR_IMG_1699Eric Rogge is an experienced technology professional with 30+ years with enterprise, business intelligence and data acquisition software and hardware. His unique combination of R&D, marketing and consulting experience provides both vendor and customer clients with balanced, practical experience and insight.

Mr. Rogge’s experience includes the design and deployment of analytic applications and predictive models for energy, manufacturing, technology, banking, brokerage and retail industry segments. He has also designed data acquisition hardware and software for government and commercial use. He has more than 2 decades of experience managing the positioning, design, production and deployment of software and hardware. Eric holds both a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from U.C. Davis and an MBA in Finance from Santa Clara University.